Live the musical nature & wildlife at Mowgliland

Pench Tiger Reserve and the surrounding transforms with the monsoon entry as the Central Indian highlands totally change their mood after a good spell of rainfall. The hidden life of the soil comes out as amphibians and kinds of flowering shrubs and herbs. At this time even the grass beds are smooth enough to give you immense pleasure.And it’s the season to watch the beauty of various kinds of wild... read more

Monsoon Safari at Mowgliland

Nestling in the Southern slopes of Satpura Ranges in theCentral Region of India–The Pench Tiger Reserve is divided into two parts by Pench River. A lot has been written and expressed over the natural abundance of this region falling in between the two states of Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra. Yet it could never beexactly expressedhow it feels to be here, where various lives have been touched by the... read more

Collarwali Tigress with it’s pray

Mr. Partha Saha & family from Bhilai (Chhattisgarh) visited to our resort and had a safari with me on dated 12/05/16 morning from Turia gate. When we entered in the forest it was about 20 minutes late at 6 o’clock. But from the beginning weather was very pleasant and I was felt that today we will be having some good sightings. But still for an hour we hadn’t heard any alarm call but seen other... read more

Sighting of legendary Collarwali with its Cubs

  Berry Johan and Jane Davies Our guest Mr. Berry Johan and Miss. Jane Davis from U.K. had 10 safaris with me from three different gates of the Pench Tiger Reserve from dated 20th morning to 25th April’16 evening. We start our expedition from Turia gate, which is the main gate of M.P side Pench Tiger Reserve and it’s just 2kms from Tathastu resort. In our first three safaris we hadn’t face any big... read more

Life cycle of Tawny Coster

Life cycle of Tawny Coster Butterflies have most colourful wings. To flutter this wing it need to cross different phase of its life. Here we will go through the different stage of Tawny Coster’s (Acraea violae) life(Fig.14).  A very common butterfly throughout India belongs to Nymphalidae family. Passion Fruit creeper (Passiflora sp.) is one of its preferred food plants. After mating, a hard pouch... read more

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