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Morning Safari Timings
During Summer: 5:30 am to 10:30 am (resort to resort)
During Winter: 6:00 am to 11:00 am (resort to resort)

Evening Safari Timings
During Summer: 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm (resort to resort)
During Winter: 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm (resort to resort)

Number of vehicles permitted
From Turia Gate: 35 each during Morning and Evening
From Khursapar Gate: 19 each during Morning and Evening
From Sillari Gate: 40 each during Morning and Evening


With a view to provide necessary livelihood to local population, most resorts have decided to keep only 2 Gypsys of their own. Additional gypsys are called from the village. Each Gypsy is allowed to carry 6 adults but we recommend that ideally only 4 persons are comfortable in a gypsy.

Forest Entry

  1. First choice for most guests is the ‘TURIA GATE’ because this is just 2 km from ‘Tathastu’. It is advisable to book your forest entry as early as possible because the limited entries are quickly taken.

Direct booking from TURIA Gate can be done via this link:

  1. The ‘KHURSAPAR GATE’ is approximately 10 km from ‘Tathastu’. It is located on the Maharasthra side of the Reserve.

Direct booking from KHURSAPAR Gate can be done via this link:

  1. The second choice is the ‘SILLARI GATE’ on the Maharashtra side of Pench National Park. This is approx. 40 km from ‘Tathastu’ but is as promising regarding sightings as MP side. Extra travelling time of 45 minutes each way is the only issue for some…. While for some others it is actually additional fun.

Direct booking from SILLARI Gate can be done via this link:

    1. The third option is the ‘RUKKHAD AREA’ which is approx. 32 km from ‘Tathastu’. This is a comparatively new area but extremely beautiful and exciting. Advance booking is not required as spot bookings are normally easily available from Rukkhad Gate.


We provide Assistance with the safari bookings on request

In case you want us to book your forest entry, we need the following information.

  1. Name, Age, Gender and ID details (Driving Lincense, Pan Card etc) of all the members.
  2. Advance against booking: 100%


Gypsy Charges



Distance From Tathastu to gate

Indian Citizen


Turia Main Gate.

2 K.M

INR 4750/-


Khursapar Wildlife Sanctuary.

10 K.M

INR 5250/-


Rukhad Wildlife Sanctuary.

35 K.M

INR 5500/-


Sillari Wildlife Sanctuary

40 K.M

INR 6000/-


Kohka Dam or Village Sightseeing 2 Hours for 6 Adults.

5 K.M

INR 1300/-


Wolf Sanctuary – Khawasa (Night or Day).

10 K.M

INR 4500 /-


Night Patrolling in Buffer Area.

Approx 25 K.M Drive in buffer zone

INR 2700/-


Single Seat Safari On Sharing from Turia

2 KM

INR 1000/-


* Please Note :- The above mentioned rates are applicable for Indian nationals only. For foreign nationals, please add INR 2000/- for each of the categories

Important to Note

  1. The forest officials are extremely strict in checking details submitted for entry ticket
  2. Every member must carry the original ID with them to enter the park
  3. No additions or changes are permitted in the names entered in booking ticket
  4. It can become extremely cold during park rounds so carry adequate woolen clothing during the winters
  5. ‘Tathastu’ provides drinking water, snacks, beverages etc. for park rounds
  6. You may like to carry your camera, binoculars, bird identification book etc