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 Kohka dam: Kohka dam located right in the buffer area of Pench National Park is surrounded by dense forests from three sides. During the summers this is pretty much the only source of water for the animals and people living nearby. If lucky you can have a fairly good sighthing of sambhar deer, langur monkeys, wild dogs, Spotted deer, leopards and tigers. Several species of birds like Rudy shell duck, comb nosed duck, cotton pygmy goose, river tern, little tern, open bill storks, painted storks, kingfishers, ospreys etc. are seen wandering around this dam. Tathastu offers you an early morning or late evening visit to the dam accompanied by an experienced naturalist. Nature enthusiasts can also take a 4 km long nature walk from our resort to the dam.

Charges: INR. 1000/

                                                                                    Kokha Dam             kohka Dam          


Sitakassa dam backwaters area: Situated about 30km away from Tathastu, Sitakassa backwaters is an area submerged under water after the dam was built in 2011. The dam is built on the river Bawanthadi that flows through the rich teak forests of Pench. The birdlife in the riverine forests around here is amazing. From tits, warblers, orioles, flycatchers, owls etc. to eagles, buzzards and lots more can be easily found. The water here is also a fisherman’s treat. An early morning fishing session can be rewarding with carps while the evening session can be good for predatory fishes like snakeheads, Murrells, Catfish etc. We also combine these excursions with a picnic breakfast, lunch or sundowners.            

Charges: INR. 3000/-



Pachdhar pottery village: Situated about 16 km away from Tathastu is the small potter’s village of Pachdhar. People here have been following the age-old methods of clay pottery. Fathers have taught this art to their sons since time immemorial. One can take a jeep ride from Tathastu to Pachdhar and see the potters sit at their wheels and make glorious art pieces from lumps of clay. You can also buy souvenirs to take back home.

Charges: INR. 2000/-

Pachdhar Pottery Village


Bawanthadi river and medicinal plant walk: Along with our experienced Naturalist take a 20 km gypsy ride from Tathastu to a Rocky outcrop next to the picturesque Bawanthadi River. Leaving the gypsy behind, we will explore the riverside looking for numerous plants of medicinal value. Most of this plants have been used for treatment of ailments by the Gond tribes since ages. In the winters, this walk can also be very good for birding. Total length of this walk is about 5km after which our gypsy will pick you up.

Charges: INR. 3000/-